“It feels like we have achieved all our goals here.”

Patient report: Stroke

Stroke is not a unique disease; the generic term “stroke”, also called apoplexy or brain insult, is used for a multitude of diseases that occur due to different causes and, thus, require different therapies. Depending on the cause, doctors speak more precisely of a “cerebral infarction” if the stroke was caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain or of a “cerebral haemorrhage” if it was caused by blood leaking into the brain tissue. Almost 270.000 strokes occur in Germany every year, about 200.000 of which are first-time strokes.


``My dream was always to come to Germany for treatment``

My name is Mikhaylo, and I come from Mykolayiv in Ukraine. We had to leave our home country because of the war there.

In 2020, I suffered a stroke due to a gunshot wound. I had already looked into rehabilitation abroad before, especially in Greece or Austria, but my dream was always to be able to come to Germany for treatment. The contact with Kliniken Schmieder was very good, and everything was discussed clearly. We decided on Kliniken Schmieder because of the reputation of Professor Liepert, the clinic’s good location, and the presence of interpreters at the clinic.

The arrival at the clinic and the first day were very positive, and we had high hopes. We particularly liked the guidance and support we received from Jane Hillard from the International Office. The rest of the team is also very professional and helpful; you can see their competence immediately. Professor Liepert impressed us very much. He was able to answer all our questions very quickly and clearly.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our stay at Kliniken Schmieder. It feels like we have achieved all our goals here. I recommend other patients to come to the clinic without hesitation – it is worth it.