Range of services



Phases and indications – Gerlingen

Kliniken Schmieder Gerlingen rehabilitates patients in stages NRP-I – NRP-M. Particular attention is paid to stage NRP-S – the early stage of rehabilitation.

In Gerlingen, we treat all neurological diseases such as head injuries, stroke, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, extrapyramidal diseases, degenerative diseases of the nervous system, epilepsy, spinal cord diseases, disc diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, or neurological pain syndromes.

  • Phase NRP-I
    Treatment of acute neurological complications during rehabilitation in the clinic (without intensive care)
  • Phase NRP-S
    Early neurological rehabilitation of people with severe brain damage
  • Phase NRP-M
    • Early mobilization, and post-primary rehabilitation of people with severe brain injuries
    • Follow-up treatment (AHB) indication areas 10 and 11gM
    • General neurological rehabilitation
  • Satellite station in the Stuttgart Clinic (Katharinenhospital)
    Treatment of stroke patients in early rehabilitation directly after acute care.
  • Day clinic (in Stuttgart Clinic)
    Following the stay in Gerlingen, it is possible to continue the therapy in our day clinic in Stuttgart:
    Follow-up treatment (AHB) indication areas 10 and 11g
    General neurological rehabilitation
    Vocational Rehabilitation

Diagnostic equipment

  • Computed tomography (available around the clock)
  • Neurophysiology [EEG; Neurography, Electromyography, Evoked Potentials (VEP, SEP, AEP)]
  • Neurosonology (CW Doppler, TCD, extra-, transcranial color duplex sonography)
  • Laboratory (clinical chemistry, blood count, coagulation, anticonvulsant monitoring, liquor laboratory)
  • Clinical physiology with ECG, long-term ECG/RR, abdominal/cardiological sonography (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Lung function measurement (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Bronchoscopy and videoendoscopic swallowing diagnostics
  • Sleep laboratory (10 polysomnography places at the Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Diagnostics of functional physical limitations
  • Neuropsychological diagnostics
  • Psychopathological and psychodynamic diagnostics
  • Diagnosis of language, speech, and swallowing disorders

Therapy spectrum

  • Medicamentation treatment for spasticity, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy
  • Botulinum toxin treatment (outpatient)
  • Physiotherapy: Everyday therapy, Gait training, treadmill therapy, medical training therapy, water therapy, daily group therapy, manual therapy, orthopaedic aid supply, contracture treatment, serial casting, electrostimulation, movement trainer, standing trainer, automated Gait training with Lokohelp, feedback-supported balance training – Balo, physical therapy (baths, massages, electrotherapy, lymphatic drainage)
  • Occupational therapy: everyday-life-oriented and action-oriented therapy, everyday-life-oriented group therapy, self-help training, functional therapy, everyday-life-oriented cognitive therapy, Saebo concept, mirror therapy, CIMT therapy, device-supported therapies, functional electrotherapy, household training, supply of aids, factory therapy, garden therapy
  • Neuropsychological diagnostics and therapy (individual and in groups), computer-assisted neuropsychological treatment, psychotherapeutic conversations (individually and in groups), psychological counselling for patients and their families, relaxation techniques
  • Psychotherapy: relaxation training, help with coping with the illness, discussions with relatives
  • Speech therapy: treatment of aphasia and dysarthria (individually and in groups), treatment of chewing and swallowing disorders, FOT
  • Physical therapy: massage, medicinal baths, lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy, heat applications
  • Social Counseling Service
  • Health promotion, diet advice
  • Leisure and Recreational Therapy

Regional Cooperations
There is intensive cooperation with the pulmonary and thoracic surgery department at the Schillerhöhe Clinic in the areas of specialist internal and surgical care, the sleep laboratory, the pulmonary function laboratory, the respiratory center, the clinical-chemical laboratory, the radiological department, the anesthesiological intensive care unit, the medical on-call service, and the resuscitation teams.

Cooperation with the Stuttgart Clinic in the treatment of stroke patients.

Special Medical Services

  • Neurology
  • Neurological intensive care medicine
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychotherapy
  • Internal Medicine (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Surgery (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Medical quality management
  • Therapeutic workplace visit, workload testing (day clinic)
  • Attachment/distance PEG (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Tracheotomy/tracheostomy closure (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Sleep Laboratory (Schillerhöhe Clinic)
  • Botulinum toxin treatment
  • Outpatient provision of remedies: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy (day clinic Stuttgart)