Regional partners


Stronger together

Regional partners

Collaboration in the health sector is essential for many reasons. All participants benefit from joining forces and sharing information, and above all, patients benefit as their health care improves and, with it, all other treatment-related processes.

Kliniken Schmieder has been working with regional and international partners in this area for a long time. Many areas of cooperation exist with university clinics through our Lurie Institute for Rehabilitation Sciences and Medical Research. Our regional offices in Baden-Württemberg are closely linked to other clinics, and there are also additional vectors of cooperation at the specialist level with external institutions and associations. Here are some examples:

University of Konstanz Hospital
Cooperation agreement for the use of magnetic resonance imaging at Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach
Clinic Schillerhöhe - Center for Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery Gerlingen
Contract for the provision of medical and other patient care services
Stuttgart Clinic
Together with the Stuttgart Clinic, Kliniken Schmieder serves the external department at St. Catherine’s Hospital. Stroke patients receive early rehabilitation at a very early stage, immediately after the episode.
University of Konstanz Hospital
Contract for the provision of medical services and cooperation in the field of treatment of stroke and its outcome
Reichenau Centre of Psychiatry
Agreement on joint professional development and vocational training
Kloster Hegne
Cooperation agreement “Professional Seminar – Basics of Neuro Validation” with team support, relatives’ accommodation, conferences, and seminars
Various educational institutions
Cooperation on participation in the teaching process and internships
Psychiatric Center of Schaffhausen Hospitals
Cooperation in the field of advanced training and educational events