Frequently asked questions

Parking spaces
During your stay, we offer you the opportunity to park your vehicle in the paid car parking area on our clinic premises. Before entering, we ask you to familiarize yourself with the pricing. We would like to point out that if you are traveling by car, you should contact your health insurance company in advance to clarify whether the parking fees will be covered.
Wheelchairs / assistive devices

If you have assistive devices that you are using, please bring them with you! Often they can also be adapted as the therapy progresses. We also have a limited ability to loan you assistive devices if needed.


There is a small safe in your room. Please put large sums of money, jewelry, etc., there.

We cannot accept any cards at our cash desks.
Pastoral care
Ecumenical Hospital Pastoral Care
Pastor Hans Peter Bischoff
Tel. 07156-203-7191
DECT -7791
Mobile 0151/16431419

A hearty “Grüß Gott!”

I am happy to be there for you on behalf of the ecumenical clinic pastoral care, still alone, in the hope that the Protestant pastoral care position will be filled soon. I want to do my best for the well-being of patients, their relatives, and you.
I make an effort to visit each department once a week and ask the team which patient is suitable for a pastoral discussion.
If possible, I will immediately comply with requests made by telephone, e-mail, or staff, regardless of denomination, religion, or ideology.
If there is an urgent need for evangelical pastoral care in a crisis, the deputy for the hospital parish office in Gerlingen, Pastor Dr. Martin Weeber, Hirschstrasse 15, 70839 Gerlingen, Tel. 07156-24450, Fax 07156-270841, martin.weeber@elkw.de. , is ready and will visit as soon as possible.
Due to Corona, church services are currently only celebrated for transmission to the television sets in the Schillerhöhe Clinic. A written Sunday greeting is usually sent to both clinics every Sunday morning with breakfast.
Sincerely, united in prayer
Hans-Peter Bischoff