Our therapeutic procedures

Therapy is of major importance for Neurological Rehabilitation. Washing and dressing, preparing a meal, chatting, or making notes – daily life activities (ADL) require multiple motor, cognitive, and language skills. These are trained in various types of therapy. Since every patient has different needs, we create an individual therapy program together with an interdisciplinary team.

We provide treatment options for all neurological diseases in all stages of severity. Please contact our International Office to get more information and to receive your individual offer.


  • Neuromedical and neurosurgical intensive care
  • Acute stroke treatment
  • General medical care
  • Immunosuppressive, cytostatic, and pain therapy
  • Physiotherapy, sports therapy
  • Specific kinds of physical therapy (massage, lymphatic drainage, …)
  • Occupational therapy (everyday-oriented therapy, functional therapy)
  • Speech/language therapy (treatment of aphasia, treatment of swallowing disorders)
  • Clinical neuropsychological therapy
  • Rehabilitation pedagogics
  • Department of social work
  • Sports for disabled
  • Recreational therapy
  • Treatment of sleeping disorders
  • Innovative therapies: Lokohelp gait training, mirror therapy, CIMT, virtual reality, use of new feedback-guided devices for the upper extremities (Pablo, Armeo, …), Vector system for sensor-controlled gait training
  • Treatment after COVID-19