Our History



Prof. Friedrich Schmieder founded the clinic on the 1st of November 1950 in Gailingen (High Rhine) as “Sanatorium Schloss Rheinburg”. He was convinced that professional and intensive treatment would enable improvements of deficits even if the brain damage had existed for a long time. Current brain research proves that this assumption is true.


With 210 beds and 95 employees, Kliniken Schmieder treated about 2 000 patients anually. An own bus connection to the clinic was set up. The whole village of Gailingen as well as its residents were connected to the clinic in a special way. In 1961, a neurosurgical and a radiology department were established.


In 1974, the second clinic site in Allensbach at Lake Constance was opened. With their new therapy and diagnostic methods, Kliniken Schmieder were a pioneer in Neurological Rehabilitation and became a role model for many other clinics.


In the 1980s, the clinics already had a capacity of over 600 beds. In 1986, on his 75th birthday, Prof. Schmieder handed over the management of the clinic group to his daughter, Dr. Dagmar Schmieder. He died in 1988.


In 1991, the department of Early Neurological Rehabilitation in Allensbach was opened and the clinics own education institute ZENITH was founded. Three new clinic sites were opened: the clinic in Konstanz in 1992, the day clinic in Stuttgart in 1995 and the clinic in Stuttgart-Gerlingen in 1998. Additionally, Kliniken Schmieder founded their own research insitute, the Lurija Institute, together with the University of Konstanz in 1997.

2000s until today

In 2001, the sixth clinic site in Heidelberg was opened. Since then, all clinic sites were extended regularly: Stuttgart in 2009, Heidelberg in 2011 and 2018, Allensbach in 2014 and Konstanz in 2018. In 2018, the extension of the clinic in Stuttgart-Gerlingen and the modernisation of the clinic in Gailingen have started.