Medical specialties



Medical specialties

The broad rehabilitation phase spectrum
The Kliniken Schmieder can offer their patients the entire spectrum of phases of neurological rehabilitation up to long-term care phase F. In phase A, acute medical emergencies can be treated during rehabilitation.

The focal points within the phase model are phases NRP-S and NRP-M. A work-ability testing can also occur in the Stuttgart Day Clinic.

Early neurological rehabilitation
In phase B, we have 78 beds, two of which are ventilation beds with monitoring. In early neurological rehabilitation, many professional groups work together on an interdisciplinary basis. The treatment teams include physicians, therapists, psychologists, nurses, and social workers. The department is very well equipped and has a high level of expertise in medical, therapeutic, and nursing treatment. Kliniken Schmieder Gerlingen now has extensive and years-long experience treating severely injured patients.

Work-ability testing in the day clinic
Close cooperation exists between the two Stuttgart locations in Gerlingen and the Stuttgart Center. Outpatient treatment is offered there, and work trials can be carried out.

Satellite station in the Stuttgart Clinic
Kliniken Schmieder operates a satellite station in Stuttgart’s Katharinenhospital. There, stroke patients are treated in early rehabilitation directly after acute care.

Tight cooperation
There is intensive cooperation with the pulmonary and thoracic surgery clinic at the Schillerhöhe Clinic in the areas of specialist internal and surgical care, the sleep laboratory, the pulmonary function laboratory, the respiratory center, the clinical-chemical laboratory, the radiological department, the anesthesiological intensive care unit, the medical on-call service, and the resuscitation teams.