Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Programme



After recovering from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), patients often suffer from COVID-19-related
disabilities which can strongly affect their physical fitness and quality of life. It is not only the serious COVID-19
cases (e.g., those who required mechanical ventilation or developed respiratory failure) that can lead to post-
COVID-19 disabilities and milder cases are frequently associated with long-term health problems. Reduced lung
performance is one of the classic symptoms, but other functional impairments may also occur.

More and more scientific studies support the clinical finding that infection with the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can lead to various neurological concomitants and secondary diseases. Symptoms include motor and cognitive function loss, nerve and muscle pain, and olfactory and gustatory disturbances. High-quality neurological follow-up care for those affected is, therefore, very important. Often, the sequelae are a combination of different impairments, regardless of the severity of the course of the previous COVID-19 disease.

This is where we come in with our offer of SPECIALISED INTENSIVE POST-COVID-19 REHABILITATION FOR
NEUROLOGICAL COMPLICATIONS. Given the various individual courses of illness and their consequences,
the rehabilitation measures are tailored to each patient and his/her needs. An individual treatment plan will be
made up, reflecting the patient’s needs. Involving different medical and therapeutic specialties ensures
integrated consideration of all treatment aspects needed to optimally address neurological, pulmonary, and
psychotherapeutic issues.

In this way, our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified doctors and nursing staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and neuropsychologists can make a targeted contribution to improving the overall physical and psychological condition of those affected. Our services include methods and approaches that comply with the German Society for Neurorehabilitation guidelines. It ranges from neurological early rehabilitation to therapeutically accompanied professional reintegration.

Our therapy offer at a glance:

  • Improvement of respiratory function and lung volume: including respiratory therapy, swallowing diagnostics, swallowing therapy
  • Improvement of motor deficits and resilience: including mobilization, endurance training, and task-oriented training geared to individual functional limitations
  • Improvement of cognitive deficits and resilience: e.g., attention and memory training
  • Improvement of general performance

You or someone in your family have recovered after a corona disease but still suffer from after-effects?
We would like to support you with our special Post-COVID-19 rehabilitation programme to improve your general performance and well-being so that you can return to your everyday life and the quality of life you are used to.


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Frequently asked questions:

When can I start my Post-COVID-19 Rehab?

  • You must have officially recovered from COVID-19, i.e. you must meet the criteria for hospital discharge
    and/or ending home isolation, even if your general health is markedly compromised.
  • Your oxygenation and respiratory rate must be stable so that you are basically able to receive therapy.

What do we need from you?
To be able to assess your case and provide you with an individual offer, we need your support. If you have been treated for a COVID-19 infection in a hospital, please send us the current medical report plus your answers to the questions below. If you had an infection but were not been treated in a hospital, please only answer the following questions:

  • When did you become infected with COVID-19?
  • When did the symptoms you are experiencing now appear?
  • Which symptoms did appear, and which of them do you still have? Please list all symptoms completely and as detailed as possible.
  • How would you assess your current state of health?

How long does Post-COVID-19 rehab last?
The duration of rehabilitation depends on the individual conditions of the respective Post-COVID-19 patient. For our interdisciplinary post-corona rehabilitation, we calculate a duration of approx. 30 days. If necessary, the duration can be extended.
What are the therapy goals?
The therapy goals of rehabilitation after COVID-19 depend on each patient’s needs. The attending physician will discuss them with the interdisciplinary rehab team, and based on this, the treatment programme will be defined. Frequently, rehabilitation treatment focuses on the following general therapy goals with individually varying intensity:

  • Improve your respiratory function and lung volume;
  • Improve motor deficits, increase endurance and performance;
  • Improve cognitive deficits, increase endurance and performance;
  • Improve emotional well-being, reduce psycho-mental and/or stress-related psychological impairments;
  • Improve general fitness and ability to receive therapy.

Overview of available treatments

  • Improvement of respiratory function and lung volume: e.g., breathing therapy, swallowing diagnostics, swallowing therapy.
  • Improvement of motor deficits and endurance: e.g., mobilization, stamina training, task-oriented training geared towards each patient’s individual dysfunctions.
  • Improvement of cognitive deficits and endurance: e.g., attention and memory training.
  • Improvement of general fitness.

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