Medical tourism facilitators and other service providers


Stronger together

Medical tourism facilitators

Our main goal is to offer our patients the best possible medical care. But we also understand that patients and their families have individual needs and wishes, not always related to medical services, that play an essential role in the process and can affect the treatment outcome. To facilitate the access of patients to such services, such as, for example, the organization of excursions, transfers, or medical evacuations, as well as the organization of consultations of specialists from other clinics, we cooperate with external service providers who, thanks to their experience and knowledge, provide for such needs and in this way make it easier for both the patient and Kliniken Schmieder.

Kliniken Schmieder, by partnering with organizations like yours, offers patients the following benefits:

  • Direct and fast access to our network
  • Processing requests within 48 hours
  • Support throughout the entire organizational process, such as visa service, paperwork for entering Germany, or transport to and from hospitals

Since the quality of services is essential for our patient, his relatives, and ourselves, we offer our partners fair conditions for cooperation concerning the services provided. If you are a medical tourism company or are involved in providing treatment services abroad, please get in touch with us.