Our diagnostic procedures

The first step of therapy is a comprehensive diagnosing process. All advanced diagnostic procedures, including functional magnet resonance imaging (MRI), are available. Since most of the neurological diseases are accompanied by sleep disorders, we have set up a sleep laboratory in the Allensbach clinic.


  • Aetiological diagnostics and functional diagnostics are the basis of individual therapy plans
  • Department of Neuroradiology and Radiology with 3 Tesla MRI, multislice CT and X-rays
  • Department of Neurophysiology with EEG, MEG, NLG/EMG, Electronystag- mography, brain mapping, evoked potentials, magnetic stimulation, event-related potentials, tremor analysis
  • Department of General Physiology: EEG, blood-pressure monitoring, sonography, spirometry, bronchoscopy
  • Department of Clinical Chemistry
  • Department of Neuropsychological Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics of language disturbances
  • Diagnostics of speech- and swallowing disorders