``I'll never forget each person from the hospital, each of them did an amazing job on Panaretos.``

Report of a family member: Traumatic Brain Injury

Mariya Mihaylova

``What a miracle – after two months, he started speaking.``

Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic brain injury refers to injuries to the scalp, skull, and brain caused by external force. Causes are mainly traffic accidents and falls. The injuries can be present individually or in combination – in any case, however, the brain is affected. So-called secondary damage can occur due to poor cerebral perfusion or due to the “jamming” of swelling brain parts in preformed bone cavities or connective tissue structures of the skull.

My name is Mariya Mihaylova. I live in Cyprus, particularly Limassol. I accompanied my partner during his stay at Kliniken Schmieder in Allensbach.

My partner had an awful accident with his motorbike in Cyprus. At first, he got the acute treatment in the hospital in our home country. But his condition was getting worse from day to day in Cyprus. So, I started looking for help abroad.

Here in Cyprus, you have the options for treatment in Israel and Germany. To be honest, Israel is much closer to us, as well as better known and popular. So, I decided to go to Israel and prepare all the documents they wanted and needed. When I got in touch with the hospital in Israel, they checked the case and documents of Panaretos and told me that they could not treat such a hard case with TBI in Israel. I was disappointed and asked them for a recommendation. The doctor at the hospital in Israel recommended the Kliniken Schmieder for Panaretos.

I started my online research and was totally impressed. The information I found on the website was perfect, and I felt I had found paradise. Getting in touch with Kliniken Schmieder was, for the first step, a little bit tricky because I didn’t check out the English-speaking international office team. Then, I contacted Sarah, a member of the international office team.

When we arrived at Kliniken Schmieder in Allensbach, they welcomed Panaretos and me, as they had known us already for years. Everyone was kind and assisted immediately. The room of Panaretos was perfectly organised: clean, tidy, sterilized, and fully equipped for his condition. They didn’t know that he had wounds; however, in 10 minutes, everything was organized. They showered him, shaved him, cleaned his wounds, and did all needful tests with him. Additionally, the Kliniken Schmieder have appartments for the relatives, which is another huge plus. My flat was also ready to live when I arrived.

At the beginning of the rehabilitation, Panaretos’ health was very precarious. He was in a wakeful coma, had a lot of wounds and infection, and his weight was only 40 kilos.
The first successes quickly became apparent: in one month, he gained 10 kilos, the medical team removed his tracheotomy, and after 2-3 months, he started speaking. What a miracle.
The team also arranged his room with all the photos and played his favorite music, songs, and movies.

Panaretos was admitted for the brain stimulation program by Dr. Neumann. The team did a fantastic job. Today, he can speak and eat with his mouth. He can move his hands and legs, he can give kisses, he can sing, and he can bring back part of his memories. In general, for me, the most crucial part is that they kept him alive.

Panaretos stayed in the hospital for one year, and they did beyond all of our real expectations. Everyone was super professional; they loved the jobs they did. The Kliniken Schmieder Team brought back our hopes from the first weeks and the smiles on our faces.

I would recommend Kliniken Schmieder with all hands. Our satisfaction is beyond any words I can express. I will never forget each person from the hospital; each of them did a fantastic job on Panaretos. All of them are kind and caring, always smiling, and the therapists made a lot of effort. I’ll never forget that I found a list of Greek words in his wardrobe, from Greek to German, so that the therapist could communicate with him. They learned Greek for Panaretos.