``I really enjoyed the daily therapy sessions.``

Patient report: Stroke


``I received a lot of support from the team during my rehabilitation.``

Stroke is not a unique disease; the generic term “stroke”, also called apoplexy or brain insult, is used for a multitude of diseases that occur due to different causes and, thus, require different therapies. Depending on the cause, doctors speak more precisely of a “cerebral infarction” if the stroke was caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain or of a “cerebral haemorrhage” if it was caused by blood leaking into the brain tissue. Almost 270.000 strokes occur in Germany every year, about 200.000 of which are first-time strokes.

My name is Ilia, and I’m Ukrainian. I had a stroke in 2023. A rehabilitation stay was essential for me to get my health back on track. Germany was recommended for this because the medical care and equipment should be the best.

I came to Kliniken Schmieder at the end of October 2023. Before, I had an excellent online consultation with Prof. Dr. Liepert. He was also my attending physician during my rehabilitation stay. The International Office Team gave me much personal support before I traveled to Germany – including with all the red tape. They organized all the necessary steps for me. That’s why I didn’t have any problems, to come to Germany for a rehabilitation stay.

From day one, I felt well looked after and cared for at Kliniken Schmieder. I received much support, and my personal needs were always considered. The food was particularly delicious, and I liked it very much.

All the staff at Kliniken Schmieder were very professional and helpful. I enjoyed the different daily therapy sessions even though the exercises were sometimes not so easy to practice and challenging work.

Thanks to the Kliniken Schmieder team and the doctors’ personalized advice. I now feel much more healthier and stronger than before. I would recommend all patients who have had a stroke do a rehabilitation stay – preferably at Kliniken Schmieder.