``Our son has made great progress in health during the rehabilitation stay.``

Report of a family member: Traumatic Brain Injury

``We felt very well looked after over all these months.``

Traumatic Brain Injury
Traumatic brain injury refers to injuries to the scalp, skull, and brain caused by external force. Causes are mainly traffic accidents and falls. The injuries can be present individually or in combination – in any case, however, the brain is affected. So-called secondary damage can occur due to poor cerebral perfusion or due to the “jamming” of swelling brain parts in preformed bone cavities or connective tissue structures of the skull.

Fitri Rahmayuli Sebayang and Paolo Abbate’s son suffered a very serious motorbike accident in 2022. The almost one-year stay at the Kliniken Schmieder showed an impressive progress in the health of the strong-willed son and gave the whole family confidence. In the end, he was able to walk again with therapeutic help and an innovative therapy system.

I am Fitri Rahmayuli Sebayang from Indonesia. Our son had a serious motorbike accident in our home country, Indonesia. His diagnosis was a traumatic brain injury. After the first acute treatment of our son in the hospital in Indonesia, we intensively searched for possible facilities for follow-up treatment, which mainly specialize in very good physiotherapy and varied training sessions. Since we have relatives and friends in Europe, we naturally looked for possible hospitals in various European countries. During our search, we also took a look at the Kliniken Schmieder. We liked the particularly beautiful location in the south of Germany, close to the Lake of Constance. The doctor who treated our son in Indonesia already knew the Kliniken Schmieder. He had very good experiences with the Kliniken Schmieder and advised us to stay there.

We decided then to go there and received an absolutely warm, professional, and helpful welcome from the entire international team at the Kliniken Schmieder. Above all, we were really surprised at how big the Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach is – we didn’t expect it.

Our son made great progress during his rehabilitation stay at the Kliniken Schmieder. We also owe this to the team of professors, doctors, therapists, nurses, and the international office team, who helped and supported us in all matters. We were always informed about the current state of our son’s health and what will be the next planned steps during his rehabilitation.

We have felt very well looked after all these months.

Even though our son still has a long way to go, we are sure that the Kliniken Schmieder was the best decision we made. Without this motivated, friendly, and helpful team and such innovative training methods and sessions, our son would not have made such great progress in his health. Hopefully, one day, he will be able to walk on his own again.