Vaccination campaign at Kliniken Schmieder

Over 500 vaccinations in four days in Allensbach

Kliniken Schmieder are taking part in the vaccination campaign “30 million vaccinations until Christmas” and have extended their offer of vaccinations for this purpose: Interested relatives and friends of employees as well as people from Allensbach and the surrounding area could come to the clinic for vaccinations. The offer was very well received: Over four days, from 17th to 20th of December, more than 500 vaccinations took place.

Kliniken Schmieder have once again expanded their offer of COVID-19 vaccinations. Previously, vaccination appointments were only available for employees and patients, but now the offer has been extended to relatives, acquaintances, and external persons. Companies and institutions from the neighbourhood, such as Hegne Monastery and the municipality of Allensbach, were also invited to the vaccination days from 17th to 20th of December.

The demand was so great that the Kliniken Schmieder unceremoniously extended the two original vaccination days by two more on Saturday and Sunday. On a total of four days, around 530 external people – almost 70 percent of them relatives of employees – took advantage of the offer. Thanks to the digital booking system, interested parties were able to book their desired date quickly and easily. Not only people from Allensbach came: Karlsruhe, Kornwestheim, and even Berlin and Amsterdam were given as places of residence.

The majority of the vaccinations for external persons were carried out at the Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach, but the clinic sites in Stuttgart-Gerlingen and Heidelberg also participated in the vaccination campaign with dedicated vaccination teams. Across all sites, a total of more than 1,300 vaccinations were carried out in-house at the Kliniken Schmieder in recent weeks, but many employees also had themselves vaccinated externally at vaccination centres, by their family doctor, or by mobile vaccination teams.