New edition of textbook on fMRI published


Prof. Christoph Stippich’s textbook on clinical functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is a standard work on pre-surgical functional imaging in patients with brain tumours and epilepsies, a specialised sub-specialty of neuroradiology, which has just been published in its third edition. Professor Stippich is the Medical Director of the Department of Neuroradiology and Radiology at Kliniken Schmieder.

The new edition of this standard work has been completely revised and expanded to reflect the latest developments. All authors are internationally renowned experts in functional imaging of the human brain, neuroanatomy, and neurophysiology. Prof. Stippich’s book covers all aspects of pre-surgical functional imaging for patients with brain tumours and epilepsies – a specialised sub-specialty of neuroradiology – in a unique composition. It describes the current state of knowledge on fMRI and its complementary imaging modalities, discusses practical aspects, imaging and data processing steps, normal and pathological findings, diagnostic possibilities and limitations, and explains relevant information on functional neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. The chapter on multimodal functional neuroimaging has been rewritten. Further chapters deal with brain plasticity as well as tips and tricks.