Innovative therapy methods in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and neuropsychology

Development of innovative therapy methods

Kliniken Schmieder work with great innovative strength on the further development of therapy methods. Thus, new treatment methods are regularly implemented in the areas of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and neuropsychology.

One of the therapy innovations in physiotherapy is the acquisition of new gait trainers. These help patients who are learning to walk again. New equipment is also used in occupational therapy, such as the Pablo system in hand-arm rehabilitation. In speech therapy and neuropsychology, digital solutions are increasingly used for rehabilitation.

At the clinic’s own Lurija Institute, efforts are also being made to further improve treatment methods for our patients. For example, clinic staff from various disciplines conduct research together with scientists from different universities in order to gain valuable impulses for practice and to develop new therapy strategies.


Current research projects

The research projects of the Lurija Institute deal with diverse topics in areas such as prognostics and evaluation, motor function as well as perception and cognition.

Over the years, numerous scientific papers have been written that have contributed to a better understanding of neurological processes. Some of this newly gained scientific knowledge could be directly incorporated into the treatment of our patients. The close cooperation between the Lurija Institute and Kliniken Schmieder made important therapeutic impulses possible in the past and provides important insights for the future. This has already resulted in several therapy innovations that are of great importance for the further development of the numerous therapy disciplines.

The intensive research activities of the Lurija Institute result in the continuous improvement of therapy standards at Kliniken Schmieder and contribute to many therapeutic successes that directly benefit our patients. The future direction of the Lurija Institute is clearly marked out for the research director and internationally renowned neurologist Prof. Dr. Cornelius Weiller: “The work of the Institute is unique in Europe. This also increases the demands we have to meet.” The Lurija Institute is happy to meet this challenge.

At the moment, the research concentrates on the following topics:

  • Functional neurological symptoms and psychological aspects in multiple sclerosis
  • Induction of neuroplastic changes
  • Functional connectivity
  • Robotics-assisted training

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