Cooperation with University of Konstanz

The contract for the awarding of the Foundation Schmieder Prize, and thus an important part of the cooperation between the non-profit Schmieder Foundation for Science and Research and the University of Konstanz, has been extended. The awarding of the prize is to continue until 2024.

The Rector of the University of Konstanz, Prof. Dr. Katharina Holzinger came in person to sign the contract at Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach. “We are pleased to be able to continue to support young scientists with the prize,” she said in conversation with Lisa Sophia Friedrich, Chairwoman of the Schmieder Foundation and Managing Director of Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach.

The non-profit Schmieder Foundation for Science and Research donates the Prize to the University to honour outstanding research work in the field of neurological rehabilitation. It is one of the few research prizes internationally for the special field of neurological rehabilitation.

Together with the University of Konstanz, the prize has been awarded at the beginning of each winter semester, on the Dies academicus, since 2006. The board of the Lurija Institute for Rehabilitation Sciences and Health Research – with equal representation from Kliniken Schmieder and the University of Konstanz- decides on the prize winners. The Schmieder Foundation for Science and Research is the sponsor of the Lurija Institute, where research activities in the field of neurological rehabilitation have been carried out since its foundation in 1997.