Our Competences

We are proud of having obtained an excellent reputation in Europe and the world in the 70 years of our existence for being a neurological specialist clinic and a forerunner in Neurological Rehabilitation.

Past and present
In 1950, Prof. Friedrich Schmieder founded the Kliniken Schmieder in Gailingen, Southern Germany, which is located on the High-Rhine close to the Swiss border. Today, Kliniken Schmieder operate six neurological rehabilitation clinics with about 1 250 beds in Baden-Württemberg.

About 14 000 patients with neurological diseases and injuries seek to be cured in our clinics each year. We consider this figure as a confirmation of the patients’ great confidence in our work. The vast majority of the patients are from Germany, but in the past few years we have received more and more special enquiries from abroad.

Experience and progress
Experience and progress are the foundations on which our work is based. Kliniken Schmieder are a family company. In the many decades of the existence of our clinics, we have developed extensive medical, therapeutical, and nursing expertise.

Research and teaching
For decades, research in the fields of motor functions, language, and cognition in collaboration with the Universities of Konstanz, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Magdeburg, and Tübingen has yielded invaluable results. In addition to research, the clinic has set up a teaching institute (ZENITH) in 1991 where therapists, doctors, and nurses are trained.

The phase model of neurological rehabilitation
Decades of clinical experience have led to the development of the phase model of neurological rehabilitation. It assigns courses and aims of treatment to patients. The phase model was developed at Kliniken Schmieder and verified in several years of research. It has become the standard of neurological rehabilitation.


“In Neurological Rehabilitation, a lot of will and courage is necessary.”